[About us]
We are an independently owned, advertising agency that specialises in shopper marketing… we understand brands, consumers, shoppers and retailers and how purchase behaviour differs by market, segment and channel.

[How we work]
We believe that our competitive advantage is in the quality of our creative execution coupled with our experience in developing end to end shopper marketing solutions and strategies across all channels.

Our structured approach helps us uncover the most important elements of shopper-understanding: Attitudes – how they live and think; Behaviours – how shoppers act; and Relationships – how they interact with the category, brand and retailer.

[Who we are]
Our people are the core of our business and we have built a strong, passionate and dedicated team of in house staff and hand picked freelancers that works tirelessly to deliver above and beyond.

We pride ourselves on having a face to face personal relationship with every client as well as handpicking the perfect team to meet your specific need.

[Our clients]
We see our clients as partners. Throughout the years we have been privileged to collaborate with some of the world’s most recognisable brands to deliver world class shopper marketing solutions.

[Our services]
Our broad palette of services allows us to tackle even the most challenging of shopper marketing tasks effectively.

[Get in touch]
We think of ourselves on being refreshingly understated, we have no room for big egos, just big ideas and have a culture of always challenging the status quo. If you would like to know more and find out how we could help your organisation build and execute effective shopper marketing solutions please contact us.

Mai-britt Jønsson
+45 43487079

Peter Lysholm
Account director
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